How about making a WNBA Fantasy League ?

The SSFL always finds a way…

The Swish Swish team just loooooves talking about the WNBA. And playing ! Our goal for the 2021 season was to launch our own Fantasy League, available in French and in English. Seems like we did it !

The SSFL, is


hours of sweating in stats and algorithms


hours of clicking on website development


hours of keyboarding the contents and translating


lb of salt when one of your players will get injured on Wednesday 

It’s just the beginning

SSFL is and will remain free of charge ! Our goal is to introduce the WNBA to as many people as possible and humbly help to expand the coverage of the league.

Nevertheless, if you want to give a hand, our Tipeee is there. It will pay for coffees, Dr Pepper or the amphetamine that will help us to weather the storm. Well, our work on the SSFL, not the WNBA franchise 🙂

Ask the audience

Or phone a friend ?

A technical issue, a query about the game ?
Just want to share your best strategies with other players ?
Our discord server is here for you !